Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Magic of the Bicycle

Many people bike for many different reasons. Those are not the people I want to address. They already know why they bike and how it betters their lives. I want to speak to those of you who don't bike and have no clue as to the many benefits and the enjoyment that can come with making cycling a part of your life. Bicycling is special.  It's freeing, energizing, and relaxing. It can destroy stress and depression. It can take you many places at a pace that allows you to observe the world around you, instead of the typical speed of society, where you see only a blur as you fly by.

For some it's just a small superficial reason to bike such as to stay a little more healthy. For others, it's a deep, spiritual connection to themselves and to the world around them. The bicycle brings them peace, understanding, and simplicity. But what ever the reason, it is a certainty that a bike can give everyone a bit of magic in their personal life. That magical experience is different for everyone, but only by spending time on a bike can you truly find out how it can change your life and become a special part in how you live. Just a simple act of spinning around the block can bring back a flood of memories from your childhood and fill you with so much nostalgia that you couldn't possibly doubt the magic.

It's amazing that most of you, who don't ride, see a bike as hard work, exercise and exhaustion. Really? Why? You can control how fast you go, how far, where, and with the multiple gears on most bikes you can even control the ease at which you navigate your local terrain. I have even heard people say it's boring. Really? Considering that bikes brought you great joy as kids and took you everywhere you wanted to go, what changed? Did the bike become less fun? Or did you? Are you afraid? Or lazy? Why do we limit ourselves to the idea that it's too hard, it's exercise, I don't have time, or it's for young people? Just about any excuse you can come up with is absurd.

Obviously not everyone, who doesn't ride, is going to jump on a bike and change their life after reading this blog. But even if only one person does and gives it an honest whirl, they won't regret it. I hope that person is you! Take a chance and better your life both physically and mentally. If you do, I guarantee you will add some awesome memories as well.